Oslo Bergen Trail

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Updated 05.04.2021

Here you can find information about the first Oslo Bergen Trail,  taking place 2-10 July 2021. 

A single leg from Oslo to Bergen

The race is conducted as a single leg from Oslo to Bergen, that means, without compulsory breaks. It is up to the team to decide where and when to rest/sleep, as long as the regulations for the race are followed. The team can receive support only from the organizer— private support is not allowed.

Start and finish


Soria Moria hotel, Voksenkollen in Oslo, 

Friday 2 July, 08:00.


Meyermarken, Bergen,

latest finishing after 200 hours,

Saturday 10 July, 16:00.

Dominant ground

The route consists mainly of soft ground: Paths marked by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), smaller non-marked paths, and a few stretches without path. Only minor parts of the route are along roads and on hard surface.

Start: Soria Moria hotel, Oslo
Start: Soria Moria hotel, Oslo
Service station 1: Noresund school
Service station 1: Noresund school
Service station 2: Torsetlia mountain lodge
Service station 2: Torsetlia mountain lodge
Service station 3: Vatnahalsen hotel
Service station 3: Vatnahalsen hotel
Service station 4: Fleischer's hotel, Voss
Service station 4: Fleischer's hotel, Voss
Service station 5: Gullbotn
Service station 5: Gullbotn
Finish: Meyermarken, Bergen
Finish: Meyermarken, Bergen

Service stations

Oslo Bergen Trail has the following service stations:

  • Noresund school
  • Torsetlia mountain lodge
  • Vatnahalsen hotel
  • Fleischer’s hotel, Voss
  • Gullbotn


The service at the stations includes:

  • Warm and cold food/drink appropriate for ultrarunning
  • Possibility to rest/sleep on beds/mattresses
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Charging of phones, GPS-units, lamps, powerbanks, …
  • Access to drop-bag at Noresund, Torsetlia, Fleischer’s, and Gullbotn
  • First aid

Event centres


The Oslo event centre is located at Soria Moria hotel in the hill Voksenkollen.  The centre is open 30 June – 2 July. Accommodation in the hotel is at the participants’ own cost.


This happens at the centre:

  • Check-in to the race (bib and drop-bag pickup, check of obligatory equipment,…)
  • GPS-tracker pickup
  • Drop-bag hand-in, deadline Thursday 1 July 17:30
  • Obligatory race briefing, Thursday 1 July 18:00
  • The start of the race, Friday 2 July 08:00


The Bergen event centre is located in “Badstuen”, the club house of the sports club Varegg. The distance from the finish in Meyermarken is approximately 300 meters. The centre is open 6 - 10 July.

At the centre the participants can:

  • get hot and cold food/drink (one meal)
  • rest/sleep for one night
  • have access to toilet, shower, and sauna
  • pick up their baggage and drop-bag

After Saturday 10 July remaining baggage/drop-bags are transported to the Oslo event centre and can be picked up there from Monday 12 July.

Enrolment process for the race:

How to join

The participation in Oslo Bergen Trail is limited to 100 teams. The enrolment is open from 15 October 2020 to 1 May 2021 (the original deadline was 1 March). The enrolment fee is 12250 NOK per team.

The enrolment process has three steps.

Step 1:


  • Register personal information for the team members
  • Register qualifications, including link to results
  • Approve to the self-declaration
  • Pay an administrative fee of 250 NOK. This fee is not refunded if the team is not approved or has to withdraw.

Step 2:

Approval or waiting list

  • Given that a slot is available, a team found qualified will be notified and requested to pay the remaining part of the enrolment fee, 12000 NOK, within 10 days. A team that does not pay within the deadline is not enrolled, and the registration in step 1 is cancelled.
  • If a team is found qualified, but the race is fully booked, the team will be put on a waiting list. In this case, payment is requested only if a slot becomes available.

Step 3:

Medical certificate

Send medical certificate for all team members, at the latest 1 June 2021 (the original deadline was 1 May).

The form is available here.

The enrolment fee covers:

  • Service at 5 stations along the route and at start/finish (see the specification above)
  • Tickets for food/rest in specific cabins along the route (to be announced), 
  • GPS-tracking and timing of the team from start to finish
  • A prize to all finishing participants
  • A sports bag (to be used as drop-bag during the race)
  • Transportation of the drop-bag along the route
  • Transportation of one piece of baggage from Oslo to Bergen

Prize giving

Prizes are given to the top teams in each gender class.

All finishers receive a prize as a memory of the event.

Prize giving for the best teams and all finishers take place:

Meyermarken, Bergen, Saturday 10 July 17:00.

Time schedule







First team

Time barrier


Soria Moria


2 July 





2 July


3 July 





3 July 


5 July 





4 July 


6 July 





5 July 


7 July





 5 July


9 July 





6 July


10 July 


CP: Check point (service station)

The time barriers correspond to check-out of the service stations.




Race rules


Regulations and conditions for the race

Oslo Bergen Trail is a team competition where each team may consist of 2 or 3 persons. The competition has two categories, Women and Men. Teams consisting of women only participate the Women’s class; all other teams participate in the Men’s class.

The team must stay together all the way from start to finish...

Obligatory equipment

The team has to carry obligatory equipment in accordance with a detailed list. The obligatory equipment has to be carried by the team along the whole route from start to finish. If a participant chooses to use poles, these have to be carried along the whole route from start to finish...


Langt og Lenge is collaborating with accommodation localities along the route. Some of these offer reduced prices for participants or followers of Oslo Bergen Trail.